Let’s find your heart amidst your healthcare so you can live the life you want and deserve.

Hi my name is Jessica Bean and I’m a health empowerment coach, blogger and speaker.

I support young women living with chronic illness to develop a strong connection with their true selves so they can clearly and courageously become advocates for their health and happiness.

It’s my belief that our health needs are as unique as we are and as such, there is no right or wrong  when it comes to improving your health.

The empowering truth is that the best tool we have to take charge of our health already exists deep within us.

By finding your heart amidst your healthcare, you can own your health and live a passionate, purposeful and fulfilled life.

A life where you’re not just surviving, but thriving.


So what’s my story?

At 21 I found myself in a grey, windowless hospital room being told that a double lung transplant was the only way I had a future.

An ambitious go-getter, I had dreams of leading a gypsy-like life, travelling wherever my heart felt called and saving the world through a career in aid and development.

As the word ‘transplant’ left the doctor’s mouth, it felt as if my dreams were crushed up and swallowed by a big, black hole. I didn’t just feel physically sick, I felt emotionally dead.

After many snotty tears, I came to a life-changing realisation that would alter my path completely.

If I wanted a different future for myself, I had to become my own health advocate. I was the one and only person that had the power to change my health.

No matter how much my friends and family loved and cared about me, nobody could do it for me – I had to take control and own it.

This realisation set in motion a four-year journey to radically stabilise and improve my health. I passed through the doors of many people I hoped would give me the ‘magic fix’.

What I discovered however, was that being proactive in taking responsibility for my health didn’t just mean ticking the boxes on a checklist, it meant deeply knowing and understanding myself.

Not just in terms of what I perceived to be directly related to my health – it also meant developing an awareness of the impact of my relationships, my living space and most importantly my level of self-love.

I learnt that I needed to move beyond being the patient and remember the person. Who

I was and what, deep in my heart, I truly wanted for my life and myself.

Five years on I am still breathing through my own lungs. I have married the man of my dreams, travelled overseas and started my own business. All life goals that on that terrifying day, five years ago, felt as if they may never come to pass.

So how do I maintain my health?

I could write all day about what I do to maintain my health – which pills I take, what food I eat, the activities I do, the health care providers I see and the things I steer clear of.

Here’s the truth though…none of what I do is relevant to you. What works for me, may not work for you. It’s my belief that there is no one-size-fits-all answer.       

Health is both a science and an art and feeling well is not about sticking to a twelve-week gym program, discovering a magic supplement or guzzling down a green smoothie.

What I can tell you with confidence is this – taking the time to intimately get to know ourselves and what best serves us, is the number one thing we can all do for our health.

By developing a deep connection with who you truly are and finding your heart heart amidst your healthcare, you can find the clarity, courage and confidence to respond to any health challenges life may throw your way.

Ready to take control of your health and happiness?

As a health empowerment coach it gives me great joy to create space for women to reconnect with their true selves and confidently and courageously address their health needs.

If you would like to learn more about working with me 1:1, head on over to my Coaching Offerings page. I would love to create a space that is all about you.

I also passionately share my message through speaking at events and workshops. I have extensive experience as a public speaker and would love to inspire the audience at your next event. Visit my Speaking page to find out more.

Alternatively feel free to send me an email. I would love to hear your story and connect with you personally.


Jessica xx


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