Kind Words

Wes Carr “ Jess recently spoke at one of my Sydney shows whilst on my latest national tour. She had the audience awe struck with her powerful, incredibly,
inspiring message.  You could hear a pin drop as she spoke about her life experience, her challenges, and the way she overcomes what she deals with day to day. People like Jess empower the world, and intern heal the world, with an honesty that can only be gained through personal experience. Her story needs to be heard for anyone looking for another key to unlock something within themselves. ”

          Wes Carr, Musician ( )



“Jessica Bean is an authentic and engaging speaker who shares her inspirational story and wisdom when it comes to an holistic approach to health with confidence.  She speaks from the heart, is flexible and professional and I’ve been so so delighted to work with her.  Jess has become an integral part of the Nourish workshops we run for teen girls and the feedback we receive from the girls always mentions Jess’s session as a highlight.  They are always so moved by her story and it is this inspiration that truly empowers the young women to make positive changes in their life. Thank you Jess for being your own beautiful shining light in the world – we are blessed to have you!”

Amanda Rootsey, Director Shine From Within  (


Girl Gone Funny


“I truly believe Jessica Bean is an angel on Earth. Although she has faced the type of adversity that most people will never experience in their lifetime, she is always upbeat, positive and generously gives so much of herself to the people and causes she believes in. As a human being, she is a blessing and as a speaker she is captivating, warm, passionate and sincere, and brings her authentic and heartfelt truth and story to any stage or event.”

Liz Deanna, Creativity Coach and Speaker ( )



“I would highly recommend working with this amazing woman, she truly is a beacon of light that will illuminate you and your path! Jess is always uplifting and supportive while summoning your deepest truths with soul probing questions to help you get clear on what you need and desire.”

Alli Nelson, Spritual Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher


“ When I met Jess, I must admit, I wasn’t doing very well, even for someone with a lot of experience with coaching, and dealing with health professionals regularly, I honestly had not been feeling motivated for a while, I had… I guess you could say lost my mojo, and for me… that was weird, I’m a professional in my 30’s and run very successful international companies, so… it’s kind of strange to even think that I needed a coach…

However, since having coaching, and even having such an awesome person in my life such as Jess, I can honestly say… I look forward to our weekly chats just simply because I know my level of effectiveness in regards to my own accountability is going to be at a higher standard..

I don’t think I would be as healthy, nor efficient in my health if I didn’t come across Jess, her strategies mean the world to me, I honestly don’t think I would be as happy in my day to day life without her strategies.”

TW Coaching Client and Cystic Fibrosis Patient


I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Jess. She created such a bright, positive and inspiring environment for my coaching series. I always felt heard as Jess listened with empathy, kindness and love, and it was this beautiful support that allowed me to move past my fears and begin to build my dream career. Throughout our sessions together she helped me to feel more present and focused, continually encouraging and motivating me with her energy and passion. Her enthusiasm for life and her coaching work was truly inspiring and gave me the courage to overcome my own limitations and doubts. Thankyou Jess!

RK, Coaching Client

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